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Awesome first post man,and welcome to the community!

Azacado responds:

thank you!!

Really cool piece,love the griffin.

clayscence responds:

thank you so much!!

Maybe Marvel should have hired you to make these 2 PC crap characters,I like your new names and costumes for them,and great job on the art too.

KimaAndJeorge responds:

Thank you so much. Honestly wouldn't even want to work for Marvel right now. I don't think I'd fit in with the rest of their more, progressive staff team😅. I'm glad you dig the names and designs though.

I love how you did his horse,that's a hard thing to make look right (at least it's hard for me),and you did it awesomely and so that it looks natural,great job!

Looks like Phil Lester from Dan and Phil,but creepier,thank you for this nightmare fuel that you created,it's good.

Happy Birthday man,great job on this!

protej responds:

thanks for wishes dude :)

I agree with you,Taskmaster deserved a more true to the original design,he's so awesome looking in the comics,let's just hope they didn't mess up more than just his costume. Great work on this,it looks awesome!

moewales00 responds:

Taskmaster's original design is objectively terrible, but it doesn't change the fact that I love it. It's tacky in a way that really only works in comics. But that doesn't mean that completely ignoring everything about it is the right way to go. In their quest for realism they removed everything that made him who he was.

I have this book,and I think you got pretty close to the original,with a few anatomy errors,but this is still really good,great job.

Pralinlin responds:

Thank you so much! Yeah anatomy is definitely something I'm still working on, that's a whole beast by itself!

Very unique take on this,great job!

wietzefopma responds:

Thanks a lot, i appreciate that!

Best unicorn tiger picture ever!

RoseredTiger responds:

Thanks =)

Love looking at art,love making art,just love art.

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